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Your Complete Vending Solution

Vending Machine and Office Coffee Service Nevada

Vending Machinesin NevadaNevada vending companies, it's time to try Choice Vending Supply. Have you seen the latest in vending technology? It's amazing. We have the latest models with built-in infrared drop indicators, electronic payment readers, remote sales tracking, LED and 7 inch video displays. We have a huge selection of Energy Star rated machines – just one more selling point for potential Nevada locations. If you're looking for a specific older model we do sell older refurbished and repurposed machines as well! The best part, if you see it you can take it home today!

Do you need an experienced repair shop on your speed dial? Choice Vending Supply is the best in Nevada. Our technicians can bring almost any vending machine back to life. Our warehouse is jam packed with replacement parts so we can get most repairs done the same day. Every technician on staff is factory trained and certified to work on your machines. We can even troubleshoot some problems over the phone.

Our Nevada technicians repair:

  • Bill validators
  • Coin machines
  • Cold drink vending machines
  • Snack machines
  • Coffee vending machines
  • Ice makers
  • Frozen vending machines
  • Combo machines
  • And more…..
Vending Machinesin Nevada

You could be the next vending superstar in Nevada! We can help you get a business license, secure vending locations and navigate the first few months of business ownership. We don't take any cut of your profits like some other vending supply services. We help you because if business is good for you, it will be good for us as well.

If you already own a business, that's no reason not to buy a few machines for your building.  Put them in and create an instant profit stream! Schools, auto repair shops, strip malls, dentist's offices, warehouses, book stores and any other place where people have to wait are great places for vending machines. Put some up and take advantage of your captive audience!

Improve Nevada Productivity with Micro-Markets

Nevada businesses are like many others across the United States. You want more productivity, and people want the fuel to get them there. A good step in this direction is to install a Micro-Market from Choice Vending Supply. A Micro-Market is just as the name suggests – a small corner store – but this one is installed within your office space. We’ll work with you to create a store that best fits your location, including modern coolers, displays and racks. You choose the product selections – including snacks, beverages and food items. The integrated checkout kiosks allow customers to scan and pay for items themselves. It’s a great way to give people what they need, while helping them save time and any hassles.

Call Choice Vending Supply right now for all of your vending supply needs. We're at (801) 683.8783 or send an email to info@choicevendingsupply.com.