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Your Complete Vending Solution

Parts & Service

Vending Machines for Sale in Inter-mountain West

As a one-stop vending distributor, Choice Vending Supply not only offers equipment, but parts and service as well. Starting with the parts, we stock a variety of replacement items at any given time, which helps eliminate wait time when your equipment is out of service. Parts pricing is very competitive, and even more so with our regular monthly parts promotions.

In terms of service, we have well-trained technicians available for quick, responsive repair. Since we are in the business of vending as well, we understand just how crucial working equipment is to your success. An out of service machine means you’re losing money. Thus, by having technicians readily available, we can many times get your equipment back up and running same day.

Bill Validator and coin mech trade-in program- If you have a monetary system that isn’t working just bring it in and for a small fee you can trade it in for one that has been factory repaired and tested. You don’t have to send it off or drop it off and wait days for repairs. This same day service will keep your machines running and making money.

We Service a Variety of Vending Equipment Including:

  • Cold Drink Vending Machines
  • Snacks Vending Machines
  • Coffee Vending Machines
  • Combo Vending Machines
  • Coin Mechanisms
  • Bill Validators

When it comes to vending services, you have a “Choice” – but the best one is Choice Vending Supply. Contact us today at 801-683-8783 or info@choicevendingsupply.com to set up your free, no obligation consultation.

Choice Vending
Choice Vending

Technicians are
Factory Trained

All techs are factory trained and certified to service and repair snack machines, combo vending machines, coin machines, bill validators and coffee machines. They are also licensed to repair refrigerated equipment, such as ice makers and cold & frozen vending machines.